Children -


Children’s rides are until 5pm. 


Children can ride with us from 5-6 years of age!! It depends only on the height of the child, which must be at least 130 cm.


All competitors under the age of fifteen are considered children. Children ride on the same circuit as adults and are always given their own ride. This means that children are safe in their rides with us because no angry adult can ever crash into them.


On top of that, our clever staff monitors their performance and can slow the karts down or stop them completely in the event of any problem.


There are eight small children's karts and two double karts. You can take your child who can't yet reach the pedals in a double kart. If a child rides in a double kart, this kart is classified as a child’s ride. A double kart with a child can never ride in a race with adults and faster racers. Therefore, the same rules apply to a double kart with a child as for the children's rides, for example, that it can only be ridden until 17:00pm.